About the game

The peaceful, fun loving ant colony of Leaf Valley is invaded by the aggressive Nanga tribe. Their only option is to fight back. Its a good thing they have access to all the latest heavy weaponry! Help the ants rediscover their fiesty side. You'll like 'em when they're angry!

Soldier ants features hours of challenging turn based strategy using simulated physics and destructible landscape.


  • Free to play with in-app purchase
  • Weapons including : bazooka, grenade, air strike, rockets, cluster bomb, machine gun, tesla coil, flame thrower, homing missile
  • Other items including : jetpac, teleport, health packs
  • Destructible landscapes
  • Physics objects you can drop on your enemies including: rocks, crates, planks, tnt boxes, chests
  • Mechanical objects: platforms, doors, hatches, pressure pads
  • 4 distinct settings: jungle, ice, caves and ruins
  • 6 large campaign packs with over 125 levels to battle your way through
  • Water
  • Magnets
  • Multiplayer with upto 4 teams
  • Customise your team with : hats, facial hair, color scheme, team flags